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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remember this.. specially dedicated to all my children..

Dedicated to all my precious children.. as of now.. Adam.. Arif & Aleesya..
We just want you to know that when you are 3 years old or so.. we will hand you over to preschool teacher to care for you until noon.. we want you to meet friends of your age and learn about ABC and most importantly to have fun in a social network.. always remember SCHOOL IS FUN..
At age 7 we will send you to primary school to introduce you to formal education.. yes.. we have expectation.. we want you to excel and be the best but even if you don't.. we still love you.. We know it will be hard for you to walk in the school compound without our presence.. and its hard for you to buy things at the canteen without our guidance.. but hey.. you are our precious.. we know you can do it.. and we will always be here for you..
Later you'll grow up and may go through a confuse stage of being a teenager.. You probably hate our rules.. you'll probably think that we are old-fashioned.. we may have issues.. we may have communication problem.. You may also find it difficult to priorities things.. between socializing and  getting good education.. REMEMBER.. we will be there for you for guidance.. just don't close the door of communication and.. most importantly... always remember that we loves you.. 
We somehow believe that you will thrive and join the adulthood.. you will find your soul mate.. you have our blessing.. and we will love him/her as much as we love you..
You'll be in the workforce.. doctor.. lawyer.. engineer.. or build your own business - how little it may be. But if you  find professional line is not your bread and butter.. or your business faces challenges you cant cope.. dont give up.. continue to build a better life for yourself and perhaps your family.. continue to invest in educating yourself.. and always remember.. that to us.. YOU ARE ALREADY SOMEBODY..

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